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Polo Bandages (4) (USA)

Polo Bandages (4) (USA) Polo Bandages (4) (USA) - extra long for support and protection. Polo Bandages (4) (USA) Wraps are ideal for protecting the horse while allowing exercise with full freedom of movement. The brushed, piled polyester fabric stretches and relaxes and as a result allows for plenty of "give". In addition, they are durable and washable for ongoing use. Available in a variety of designer colors! Made...

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Planning for spring 2022 with horses

Ah, horses.... Do you remember what a wet winter we had last year (2020)? It boasted heavy and frequent rainfall, flooding, and many fed-up horse owners (who admittedly needed a good supply of wellies, fencing supplies, raincoats and horse rugs!) The time when the horse owner’s heavy rugs can be cleaned and packed away is certainly time to celebrate… Let’s look at the impending weather. The likelihood of...

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What’s new in the world of polo?

We’re all hopeful that polo can resume in something resembling its usual way soon. Currently (early March 2021), everyone (including amateurs), can take part in training with up to six persons. Professionals can continue to play at any level, if they’re on an elite pathway programme (a new list that the HPA produced last year, to meet Covid rules)if this is on a competitive basis. (Competitive sport did...

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Polo bits! Why we’re champing at the bit for a return to play

COVID restrictions have meant that, while competitive polo at 8 goal and above can be played, polo below that level is not allowed to be played at the time of writing. However, the industry is understandably champing at the bit to get back to competitive play and training! Despite the restrictions, we have been delighted to receive many enquiries recently about Bombers Bits for polo. There really is...

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Sealtex Bandage

Sealtex Bandage Sealtex bandages are waterproof support bandages for fast work.  Also great for wrapping around bits. One size only - Boxes of 12 available.

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