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Splintex Gold, 60ml


Splintex Gold

Splintex Gold formulated for cold splints and other indications. Other Indications: capped hocks, sesamoiditis, early ring bone.

Interruption to the horse’s daily routine is usually not required.
Total treatment time may be in excess of 30 days.
(1) Apply daily.
(2) Apply very lightly (tap excess off brush). Avoid brush stroke overlap. If applied area is glossy, wipe excess or wash, dry, reapply. Take extra care in hot temperatures.
(3) Allow a rest period if severe scurfing occurs caused by over application. Then apply in a cycle of 3 days on 2 days off.
(4) Bandaging is optional. Place cotton between the splint and plastic if a modified sweat is used.
(5) Continue as long as necessary.

Important: Do not mix with DMSO.

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Splintex Gold